About Us

A great explosion in TV is taking place throughout our country. According to the latest official census, in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone there are 10 crore TV sets with at least cable connection of 24 hour programming. This is very remarkable achievement and also the fastest means of communication to reach people where man cannot reach within his time. And another amazing fact is that government allows private TV channels to telecast sponsored religious programs on Indian TV. With that kind of an opportunity, Rev. Christopher Boda, an anointed pastor with more than 32 years of service in the ministry and the only Founder of a Christian channel who is really a Servant of the Lord has started “BIBLE TV”. To achieve this purpose, BIBLE T.V has a private limited company, named under VINAY TELEVISION PVT. LTD and launched this channel. . This channel utilizes the INSAT 4A satellite, MPEG-4 Technology. The response to the channel has been high from day-1 and many popular Gospel ministries and Pastors have already booked time slots in this new channel. Our future plan is to slowly make this channel available for the whole globe.

about-usIndia is a country with more than billion in population where 90% of it is still not familiar with the Good News. We want the message of Good news to reach every person in this country. With so many moral and immoral issues threatening to destroy the very fabric of human civilization, we stand to lend our hand in spreading awareness to bring about a change by spreading the message of Good news through the medium of television. Since we are the only human force in the country with a vast firsthand experience in the ministry field and enough technology to meet the broadcasting requirements we believe that our vision will be a successful target. Our Founder being our Foundation stone, there will be no turning back except keep going forward.

About Us

From the early days itself, God has been watchful and protecting throughout the life of Rev.Christopher Boda right from the start. Born in a village where there was not a single television set within the neighboring villages, he never thought he could be seeing one. He hails from a Banjara (Lambadi) village near Dornakal, KhammamDist, he never heard of our LORD and Savior till he was 15. With a football injury almost took his life, he was saved by our Lord in a miraculous way that you would not even imagine. From that day forward he has decided, to follow Jesus and has never turned back, and never will!! With the burden to serve the Lord and also to preach the Good news, I have been in the ministry field for more than 32 glorious years in person.

Along with his education, Rev.Christopher Boda completed Bible Training lasting for 5 years in Bharat Bible College for Bachelor’s & Masters degree and he is continuing to serve the Lord. Even before he got married he was in the ministry. And his wife, Mrs.Rambai Boda, was his backbone in every aspect of life. The couple was blessed with three children, Vinay, Christina and Crystal. Rev. Boda has been a faithful man of God and a great leader to millions of Banjara. And coming to their family, even though Mrs. Boda is a government certified nurse in the early 80′s she left her opportunity and shared the vision of her husband. Today the dynamic duo of the Father-Son team in preaching the Good news to the un-reached with spiritual standards that WE DO NOT COMPROMISE.

Going into the insight of young Pastor.Vinay Boda, he is married and he is ever ready to take up every chance to preach and reach the younger generation. Equipped with his M.Div, this man of God is ready to take on the world and assist his father and the ministry in EVERYWAY!!


Greetings to all you blessed Pastors, Anointed Servants and my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Allow me to use this precious opportunity in introducing myself to you. My name is Rev. Christopher Boda, Founder and Director of Bible TV.

"His last command is our first concern!!"